The objective of percentiles is to provide a straightforward way to gauge a player’s performance as good, excellent, or outstanding. For instance, if we consider Salah’s average of 0.25 assists per match, it may not immediately indicate whether this is a good number. Comparing it to the top player who achieves 0.8 assists per match might suggest that Salah’s performance is subpar.

However, when we take into account the nearly 1000 players in the big 5 leagues, Salah’s 0.25 assists per match would have a different significance in comparison. He could still be performing within the top 10% of the best players, or even higher, indicating excellent performance. Alternatively, his 0.25 assists per match could be considered mediocre, depending on the context.

To address this, we calculate the average of the top 10% of players in each category and use it as a reference point. This allows us to assess each player’s performance relative to the top performers, providing a clearer understanding of their performance level.

performance percentils