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Most Goal Impact in Europe 2023

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Each stat is adjusted on a per 90 basis and includes only matches of the mentioned season.

Values over 100% indicate that a player is outperforming the top 10% average in that category.

Top Goal Impact

Greater influence on goals through either scoring or creating opportunities


About the Stats
Scoring: Non penanlty goals

Creation: Live-game actions directly contributing to goals.

Offensive Impact: Actions leading his team to make a shot.

Pass: Passes per match directly contributing to goals.

Take On: Take-ons per match directly impacting in a goal.

Shot: Shots per match with a direct impact on goals, not only scoring but goals resulting or created from the shot.

Finishing: Efficiency in capitalizing on goal-scoring opportunities. This is a tricky metric so should be used just to measure attackers.

Dribble: Succes rate of dribbles per match.

Victor BonifaceLeverkusen103%88%83%94%1,276.00ng NGAFWde Bundesliga
Ángel CorreaAtlético Madrid102%82%87%77%918.00ar ARGFW,MFes La Liga
Serhou GuirassyStuttgart109%151%27%91%1,495.00gn GUIFWde Bundesliga
Diogo JotaLiverpool127%109%102%85%1,047.00pt PORFWeng Premier League
Harry KaneBayern Munich125%153%52%93%2,299.00eng ENGFWde Bundesliga
Lautaro MartínezInter103%126%44%85%2,103.00ar ARGFWit Serie A
Kylian MbappéParis S-G114%123%65%108%1,846.00fr FRAFWfr Ligue 1
Jamal MusialaBayern Munich114%79%111%104%1,577.00de GERMF,FWde Bundesliga
Darwin NúñezLiverpool108%79%100%114%1,571.00uy URUFWeng Premier League
Michael OliseCrystal Palace103%84%88%95%755.00fr FRAFW,MFeng Premier League
Mohamed SalahLiverpool102%75%94%99%1,816.00eg EGYFWeng Premier League
Benjamin ŠeškoRB Leipzig101%88%80%61%1,006.00si SVNFWde Bundesliga
Alexander SørlothVillarreal105%92%83%65%1,760.00no NORFWes La Liga
Deniz UndavStuttgart138%126%103%108%1,408.00de GERFW,MFde Bundesliga
Ollie WatkinsAston Villa106%78%99%79%2,565.00eng ENGFWeng Premier League